Which Type Of Security Camera Is a Smart Choice For Long Term Monitoring

Which Type of Security Camera is a Smart Choice for Long Term Monitoring

If you are looking for a security camera for long-term monitoring, look no further than hardwired security cameras! In this blog post, we’ll explore why and which hardwired security cameras are the smarter choice for long-term monitoring. From unparalleled reliability to seamless integration with advanced technology, these cameras offer protection that surpasses their wireless counterparts. Get ready to dive into the world of hardwired security cameras and discover why they should be at the top of your surveillance system.

The smart choice security camera

A hardwired security camera is undeniably the smart choice when ensuring long-term monitoring. Hardwired cameras utilize local storage, physical connections and cables to transmit data, making them exceptionally reliable. With their robust design and sturdy construction, these cameras offer unparalleled durability that guarantees constant surveillance without interruptions or downtime. Here are the best-hardwired cameras for security:

Garage-Control Cam Plus

When safeguarding our homes, we often overlook an integral part of our property: the garage. A sanctuary for our beloved vehicles and a treasure trove of tools and equipment, garages deserve just as much protection as any other area in our homes. That’s where Garage-Control Cam Plus steps in. You can use this hardwired camera to open or close up to 2 garage doors. This camera can work on sectional, roller, and tilt doors.

With this hardwired camera, you can get notifications on your phone when your garage door opens and closes during the day and night. Also, it can remind you if you forgot and leave your garage door open. With it, you can get the package more safely by stopping porch pirates and looking at the courier in real time.

One of the best features of the hardwired camera is that you can activate it with your voice. Alexa and Google Assistant will open the door for you through your voice. You do not need to use your hands.

S220 Indoor Cam (2K, 2-Cam Kit, Pan & Tilt)

The S220 Indoor Cam boasts an impressive 2K resolution that accurately captures every detail. Whether checking on your pets during the day or keeping an eye on your property at night, this camera guarantees crystal-clear footage 2k(1080P) around the clock.

You leave for work in the morning, wondering what mischief your furry friend might get up to while you’re away. With Relevant Recordings, wonder no more! This ingenious system employs state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms that can accurately distinguish humans and pets.

Connect your Indoor Cam to Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa for total control over your monitoring. And updates are available for HomeKit. Users must first add the device to the eufy Security app before launching HomeKit and completing the activation process.


An hardwired security camera is an ideal solution for long-term monitoring. They provide high-quality images, require less maintenance, and can be installed anywhere with existing power outlets. Plus, they offer a more secure connection that prevents anyone from accessing your surveillance system remotely. With these advantages in mind, hardwired security cameras provide excellent protection and peace of mind for any residential or commercial user needing reliable video surveillance.