Window Shutters – Making The Right Choice

Window Shutters – Making the Right Choice

For generations, window shutters have been recognized as an ideal way to emphasize the homeowner’s sense of style – and provide easy-to-use functionality. The attraction of window shutters is enhanced by the fact that they are available in an almost unlimited number of styles – there are variants that will match the decor and aesthetic of almost any home – and each of these models offers a number of advantages. In this article, we will examine two factors that make window shutters such an attractive investment.

For those homeowners who question whether window shutters are the right choice for their homes, the option of automated blinds is one that also bears investigation.

There are a number of different styles of Window Shutters available to homeowners, these include:

California Shutters – Some of the most popular versions of these shutters are manufactured using natural woods – and they boast stylish thin louvers.

Plantation Shutters – This style of shutter has remained a firm favorite with consumers for decades. Like the California Shutters, these are also made from natural wood, but the lats are often painted white and are wider than those typically found in the California Shutter. There are also many versions that substitute plastic or PVC slats for the California Shutters’ wooden slats. This style has deep roots in the United States, being based on the Window Shutters that were traditionally found on plantations in the southern states.

Vinyl Shutters – These Window Shutters offer the homeowner great looks and a welcome price point. They are available in a wide range of textures and colours, meaning that the homeowner will find that set of blinds that will both beautify their homes – and increase the value of that property asset.

Composite Wooden Shutters – Many consumers may know these shutters by their alternative name – faux wooden shutters. However, there is nothing ‘faux’ about the quality of these shutters – when they are sourced from a reputable supplier. They feature slats manufactured using artificial wood that mimics the natural material – but they are far less maintenance and more durable than shutters made from natural materials.

Cafe Shutters – These shutters are slightly unusual in that they are designed to cover the lower half of the window to ensure privacy while leaving the upper portion of the window open. This allows the free flow of fresh air – and the entry of natural light.

Exterior Shutters – These shutters are installed on the exterior of the home, as the name would suggest. They are ideal for those homeowners who want to ensure their privacy – and are aware of the role that shutters can play in enhancing the security of the home. They are typically manufactured using aluminum or natural wood. Before going further into the article I would recommend having a look at luxury roller blinds made to measure.

The Advantages of Fitting Window Shutters

1. Superior Protection

Opting for shutters means protecting windows, and increasing the levels of privacy that the homeowner and his/her family enjoy. Shutters will also protect furniture fabric from UV damage.

Angling the louvers directs light in a way that avoids the bleaching effect of sunlight on soft furnishings. This means furniture, paintings, and other delicate decor are not damaged by the sun – and the family still enjoys that treat natural light. Window Shutters will also benefit from UV protective wrapping in order to extend their lifespan.

However, even without extra protection Window Shutters are durable. They have been designed to cope with adverse weather conditions and the materials used in their manufacture are highly resistant to the denting and scratching that can be caused by flying debris in the worse of storm conditions.

Window Shutters are the ideal security installation. They provide a barrier to entry, and perhaps as importantly, prevent others from seeing inside the home, the first step in any burglar’s plan to invade your private space.

2. Excellent Insulation

Shutters that are made from wood have excellent heat insulation and sound-deadening properties. Installing wooden shutters is a great way for any homeowner to cut down on heating bills, hence their popularity. Shutters are also a cost-effective way of controlling the temperature of the home. When the louvers are open a breeze wafts through the home – and when they are closed they block direct sunlight and reduce the heat levels of the home.

The same sort of versatility can be experienced by those who purchase Backout Curtains, but shutters offer even more functionality, are considerably more attractive – and are extremely durable. They are also incredibly durable, they can be fitted in any room in the house, where they will quietly go about their business of lowering the heating and cooling costs of the home.

3. Ensuring your Privacy

The world is ever more crowded, but your home should be private. This is one of the reasons that many homeowners opt for window Shutters. When closed, Window Shutters restrict the view of those outside the home. Window Shutter slats are also adjustable to allow you to select your desired airflow and levels of privacy.

Those same louvers can be tilted to provide optimum airflow and lighting levels. Tilted louvers make it extremely difficult to see into the home, however, it is worth noting that privacy levels will depend on the slat width and material of the louvers.

4. Increase Curb Appeal

Both Califonia and Plantation style shutters have stood the test of time when it comes to stylish home fixtures. They exude Old World charm and are the perfect addition to any home that pays homage to the vintage look. However, the modern versions of these shutters are sleeker and more stylish than ever before – they will suit those who are interested in a rustic or contemporary style – and they will increase the home’s curb appeal – and its value.